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An Ode to SPI Group

By Eddie Maybert
Senior Application Developer
January 9, 2018

If you’re looking for an agency to handle soup to nuts
There’s one that I can recommend with no “and’s”, “if’s”, or “but’s”
Known solely as “The SPI Group”, for that is, in fact, their name
A communications powerhouse, that’s really on their game

It may not quite be obvious, exactly what they do
It’s a farce to try to parse the name, so come let’s talk it through
A SPI, to you or I, perhaps sounds dubious at best
But I assure you, and implore you, please do put your fears to rest

They won’t infiltrate a government, or topple a regime
In fact hiding in a bush requires antihistamines
There’s no covert operations, or martini’s, or a tux
To them “007” is 7 short of 14 bucks

Now to say they just “make websites” is really such an under-sell
They do marketing, and brand support, and write copy as well
Need a banner? Ask their planners who will start you on your way
Your brand is in good hands, and can bet your message will hold sway

The Design Team is the SPI team that’s their most artistic wing
They can synergize your brand design, ensuring that it sings
From a simple little logo, to a website, or campaign
They will iterate until it’s great and take away your pain

The writers of the copy, another group, though not as hyper
Can target your internal comms like some kind of verbal sniper
They can support your branding strategies, and prepare it for the nation
Ensuring that you stay on-brand, and use proper punctuation.

I.T. is where we see a lot of backs-of-people’s-heads
The humans seem to scare them, they like 1’s and 0’s instead
If you see them, please just leave them – and no tapping on the glass
They’ve got loads of code to write, and they are on a “social-fast”

Now coordinating all the teams and managing accounts
Are a team of friendly overseers who SPI can’t do without
From managing the clients, to coming up with all the ‘strats
They guide each and every project home, not unlike herding cats

So what else can I tell you about the company of SPI
Free bagels every Friday, and a kitchen full of pie
A well-oiled machine it is, yes each and every cog
And if you ever visit, you may even see a dog

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