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What's SPI Group

Based in the Greater NYC Area, we are a full-service digital communications agency working at the intersection of communications and technology.
Our name stands for Strategy, Planning and Implementation.

Ok. So what does that mean? Let us explain.



How We Work



We’re big on teamwork here. We’ve got each other’s backs, and yours. When working with you, we happily extend our collegial teamwork values to your team.

Come to us with your goal, your pie in the sky idea, your objective. Our team will work with you to develop a smart and practical communications Strategy.

Throughout this process, our team becomes a part of yours. We help turn your strategy into concrete Plans to get things moving fast.

Spies love putting plans into practice. Come to us with a vision and at the end see it come to life. It could be a newly designed intranet, corporate communications campaign or innovative website – we can Implement it all with gusto.

At SPI, the job isn’t done on launch day. We are a team that’s here to stay.