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Keeping Everything on Track

By Brittany Martello
Assistant Account Manager
October 27, 2017

Organization is everything.

I used half a dozen spreadsheets to plan my wedding—one for the guest list, one to track the dinner entrees guests wanted, one to track who to send thank you notes to—you get the idea. Planning is part of my personality.

One of my jobs at SPI is to keep things on track by coordinating project workflows. That can be a challenge because I work with a lot of people on a lot of projects.

I use a program called Basecamp to help me schedule and track projects. It gives me a bird’s eye view of who’s doing what and how each project is progressing. Basecamp helps me anticipate potential problems so I can address them and keep our work on track.

Besides using Basecamp, communicating with the team is another thing I do to keep everything moving smoothly. After a meeting, I’ll send a wrap up that explains what the deliverables are, who’s responsible for doing the work and when it’s due. This lets my fellow SPIes know about potential conflicts well in advance, reducing the chance of last minute issues. As the deadline approaches I’ll send reminders to team mates responsible for the work.

Being flexible helps too. Sometimes we’ll receive requests not included in the original statement of work (SOW). When this happens, I’ll let the project leads know so we can adjust the timeline, notify the team, revise the scope of work and inform the client.

I love my job because it contributes to delivering great work to clients. When a plan comes together it’s a beautiful thing to see. Like a great dance team, everyone moves in sync—whether it’s an intranet audit, launching a communications campaign or redesigning a website.
Managing the details of a project is a big part of my job. But my teammates at SPI have taught me to look at a project strategically, too. Consider the big picture and try to think a few steps ahead of everyone else.

Like any good project manager, I even had a contingency in case it rained at my wedding (it didn’t). Always be ready for the unexpected.

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