Our Creative Process

We begin every project by listening to you.
Then we mix in research, experience and inspiration.

We’ll make your vision come to life with compelling messages delivered with the latest technology. Scroll down to get an idea of how we work.

Questions and listen

Ask Questions and Listen
We listen to you, ask questions and research your challenge so we understand it inside and out.


Seek Visual Inspiration
We blend the latest visual trends with your organization’s branding guidelines.

Bring it to Life
We’ll brainstorm creative ways to realize your vision.

Check, check and re-check!
Our attention to detail stretches from draft to final design.


We’ll collaborate with you to ensure our work is on target.

Refine and Refresh
We’ll fuse your new ideas and input into our next take.

Questions and listen

Deliver Final!
We’ll revise our creative until it meets your ideal. SPIes do whatever it takes to ensure our product is outstanding.

Questions and listen

Analyze and Learn
As we work with you, we note your preferences and apply them to future designs. We can also work with you to get feedback to demonstrate impact.

Support After Launch
After your project is complete, we can provide design, content and analytics support. Plus get ready for the next one!